Maybe she's just tired

Almost all parents have had that moment... It may have been in the car coming home from day care, school, a birthday party, or a play date. It may have happened after an afternoon of playing outside or bouncing off the walls.  You look over and realize your little one has fallen asleep.  They look so sweet and peaceful and your heart just melts.  For us, those moments are moments of panic.  For us, an impromptu nap could mean that S's blood glucose level has dropped too low.  "Do we need to check her sugar?" we wonder and the debate begins.

"Maybe she's just tired."

"Do you think we need to check her?"

"She's probably tired from the birthday party."

"She was low at the party from the activity."

"She just had cake and ice cream."


"She's just tired."

The roles change in the conversation from time to time and sometimes we check her while she naps and other times we let her sleep.  I am saddened that we are unable to enjoy these naps with the innocence that we once did and that we have to convince ourselves that maybe, just maybe, she is simply tired from a long day.


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