Mayor De Blasio and First Lady McCray hosts a GroundBreaking Roundtable Discussion

Today, The Mayor and First Lady of New York hosted a Roundtable discussion, highlighting the Ethnic and Foreign Language Media, in the Mainstream Sector.

As we all know, Newspapers have long been a way for the public to be informed on what's going on in their communities and surrounding areas. Especially for Seniors. For many of them, when they want to know what's going on, they are not going to turn on their TVs, to watch major broadcasts. A lot of them just want simple and comprehensive news, delivered to them. No bells and whistle, just get straight to the facts. They want details, clear and concise and they want to be fully informed of any developments. These are the people that they've come to rely on. These are the staples of our media, local media. These are the people that all of us, can relate to. The ones that don't seem so far away. These staples, are often times like the magazines that represent the ethnic community.

Magazines like Essence, Ebony, Cosmopolitan Latina, Vibe, Sister 2 Sister, Jet, etc. These are just some of the publications that reaches the ethnic communities, nationwide. And that we can relate to the most. These are the ones that are the heartbeat of our approachable media, that gives us a look into the country and world around us. And yet, even with a large platform, these magazines are able to zero in on our lives as is. They are able to communicate with us and touch us. They are able to have a birdseye view into our homes, our relationships, our single lives, our families, children,  our health and our career statuses. And none of them know us individually, but yet they do know us well.  

Through these and other sources, our communities are able to learn about the happenings of our world and we are effected. We are always effected by stories that we hear throughout the nation. Stories that happen in Detroit and Chicago, are going to effect those in Atlanta and South Carolina. Just reading about the lives of others, makes us grateful for our lives, they make us pray for others and send our hearts out to them. Reading these stories, can anger us. They can inspire us. They make us feel something, they make us talk to each other. And that's what Journalism is.

"That's what you do in the Media. Journalism is a conversation, that's what it is. That's what it should be!" - First Lady McCray

The First Lady, whom has been a Journalist for many years and worked for Essence magazine, went on to discuss this topic further. She talked about how the Ethnic and Foreign Language Media sources have a powerful voice among the world and individual communities. Speaking as the granddaughter of St. Lucia and Barbados immigrants, she talked about their reliance of the media. To let them know what's going on in their community and elsewhere. The crucial placement that they have in today's world. She encouraged them to move forward to continue on in their excellent efforts. 

This roundtable discussion was created to bring attention to the importance these media sources have and this won't be the last one. The Mayor has stated that he plans to have more of these events. Both he and the first lady, want to encourage these journalists to keep going. To go after the stories and to bring the truth to their readers. 

What do you think about the Ethnic and Foreign Language Media? What do you think about the voice that they have and the voice of the local media?



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