I took Darkness by the arm and pulled her close to me.  “How long has he been here?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of him or could it be that being in a place like this, I’m horny. 

What is that you say? I’ve been having sex in some of the strangest places with some of the most “out there” kinda guys and with one look at this guy, I wanted to say… “I am horny.”

“I am horny.”

In all fairness he wasn’t as big as Mr. Beat me Bit me nor did he make love to me in an art gallery. I can even say he never sent me any flowers … He was ‘familiar’.

The way he held me, kissed me and made me laugh like a child was familiar. His scent, his actions and reactions were all familiar to me.  But now it was becoming familiar to someone else.

“Hello!” I heard the familiar voice call out to me.  The same way it did over the telephone, in the heat of passion and on the last day I talked to him – familiar.

For a moment my mouth couldn’t open to express the thoughts that race across my mind.

“Hello.” I said extending my hand for a shake.  I didn’t want to seem too familiar with him. I should have known that what followed next would happen especially here.

I had no reason to be upset with him being with her, I was mad at myself for being alone for the moment.  Just for that moment as he stood across from me. That ended quickly as her hand slide into mind and Maz Luke slide up to me.

Maz Luke and I spent the better half of one semester trying to get through biology in college.  He’s smart, handsome and built like Bruce Lee, but he looked like Jet Lee in a movie with his shirt off. 

Maz at that time was dating a very annoying older red head. She was under the impression that I wanted him since we spent many nights at the local coffee shop studying and when that closed for the night, we went back to my house. Nothing never happened and I am sticking to it. Together we pulled a B out of the class, and she started college again.  It wasn’t as if she needed to attend, the woman had a Masters in Education and a PhD in some form of science. (How do I know?) She kept telling me each time we met. At his graduation, she made sure to tell me straight out to stay away from him.  I wasn’t shocked.  I couldn’t tell you how many times he told me she wanted him home by ten and he wanted a normal life.

I let go of her hand and saw the look on Maz’s face.

“Live!” He softly whispered in my ear.  He took my hand in his. “I’ve miss you!”

 ‘Live’ is what he would call me in front of her.  He told me it made her mad. The name was because I gave him life, whatever that was supposed to mean.

“Maz?” I said leaning into his body like a playful cat. “Where have you been?” I felt playful and was happy to see a friend, even though it was a very distance friend.

He kissed me on my cheek. “I’ve been searching the world, twice, looking for you.”

I felt his hand wrapped around my waist.

“Do you mind introducing us?” Maz said turning his attention toward the couple in front of us.

“This is Aaron, an old friend of mine and his wife…” I waited to be corrected or even be given the woman’s name.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Aaron said with a nod of his head and his eyes fixed on me.  The surprise look of deception came across his face and I wanted to laugh. Now he wasn’t the only one standing there with someone younger. Maz was at least five years younger than me, but he looked all of twenty one.

“Come on dear.” Aaron said pulling the young woman away. He couldn’t have made it any faster to the front door. In just a few minutes the familiar was gone out of my site.

“So where is Alyssa?” I asked Maz peeling myself out of his grip.

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