McDonald's Takes the Lead and {A Giveaway}

McDonald's once again earns the title of industry leader in providing even better, healthier choices for our littlest eaters. The Happy Meal has been revamped and parents are likely to be pleasantly surprised. Remember when you had to argue with your kids to choose the apples over the french fries when ordering their Happy Meal? Do you also remember the disappointment you felt when your girlfriend's kids ordered the apples and your kid walked up to the counter and adamantly answered "Fries!" so loud the people in the drive-thru could hear him? Embarrassment no more, my friends! Now, when your child orders a Happy Meal, expect the apples to be standard fare. Whew, right? Well, there's more!

McDonald's genuinely cares about our kids and their health and anything McDonald's does causes a huge ripple effect in the industry. The societal impact made by McDonald's and its actions are monumental. So much so that others in the fast food industry soon follow their lead. When redesigning the Happy Meal, McDonald's also looked at portion control and how children perceive a single serving size. The fact is, even the small fries are too much of a good thing for our kids. McDonald's reduced the size of the fries to "kid size", appropriately proportioned to tiny tummies. Learning about portion control starts young so as McDonald's spearheads this campaign, I say BRAVO! Other changes include the fat-free chocolate milk. McDonald's is all about options. Over the years they have adjusted their menu to accommodate the public's desire for healthier choices. McDonald's should be commended for their menu updates. Is it their fault I still order the Big Mac value meal when I could be ordering the delicious chicken salad don't you have Big Mac days with balsamic vinaigrette? The same philosophy is behind the new Happy Meal. If your child prefers, and you approve, you can still get your Happy Meal with the original, small fries option. But say nothing and you'll get the kid size fries and apples on the side automatically. Not a bad way to manipulate the situation, huh? Heck, you could even make McDonald's the scape-goat as your kids open their Happy Meal to find the changes a bit unnerving. I can hear you saying it now, "Can you believe it? McDonald's changed their Happy Meal. Well, it's there, you might as well eat those apples," as you grin ear to ear on the inside.

Isn't this McDonald's absolutely stunning? It was a great event! Rockside Rd., Independence, Ohio

Last week I attended a mom blogger event hosted by McDonald's and they gave me some extra grab bag items that I wanted to share with a lucky LOVD reader. Here's what's included in the bag:

exclusive 1-GB McDonald's flash stick (so cool, and useful)
McDonald's Frisbee (fun, and your friends will be jealous, promise)
McDonald's band-aides (yeah, they do exist) Recycled Journal (even the pen is recycled)
8 - coupons for FREE Happy Meals (did someone say FREE FOOD)
Giveaway winner will be chosen Tuesday, March 13, so check back then!
1. Enter to win by leaving a comment telling us your favorite McDonald's menu item.
MORE ENTRIES, more chances to win...
3. Become a Linky Follower of feelLOVDeveryday
Leave a comment for each activity you did. US Residents only (sorry). Winner will be selected via
The flash drive is worth your time to comment!
There is one more contest I want you to know about. McDonald's is giving away a trip to the London Olympics to 10 lucky, creative kids and their one parent/guardian. All you have to do is make a video having your child talk about how your family makes mealtime fun while making healthy eating choices. Click here for more information. Deadline April 18.
Full Disclosure: I was invited to the Mom Blogger Press Release Event sponsored by NEO McDonald's and was provided grab bags with indicated contents and a meal (which was delicious, by the way: did you know there are over 14 different lettuce varieties in their salads? Ooo, I'm lovin' it!)
Begin your entries and Good Luck!

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