Me, The Financial Erudite

In other news, this week I learn the basic intricacies of International Financial Management. I love finance and I love money and seeing how money works...I'm kind of not that great at saving, though because I always find something that I need to buy, shoes for Ksh.500, new sunglasses for Ksh. 250, Nivea lip balm for Ksh.200, chips from the neighborhood joint for Ksh.60, oh, chips have to go with a samosa that's Ksh.30, a nice cold Alvaro to drink that's another Ksh.30 etc. etc. (From this, you can probably deduce that I am a fat, well-dressed, broke girl lol j/kidding, haha, I'm not well dressed.....again, I'm just kidding) But my lack of prowess in keeping money in my pocket is just the incentive I need to learn about how to keep money, far away from my hands and into financial instruments. So, yes I can say with utmost authority, big spenders are the best financial minds :-)

I don't know, I just feel like corporate finance is my thing, its where I need to be, and if I could find a way to tie that in with marketing then that would be even better. I always dreamt of being this jet-setter, you know those women you see at the airport dressed to the nines, her assistant pulling her suitcase, and her handbag in one hand, laptop in another. Dream destination would be Italy, where I'd have important meetings with investors etc etc. Now that I've grown up though, my dreams are a lot more tamer, and involve a lot more than just the big corporate job, I want a husband and a lot of kids so, the meetings may not be in a Rome office, but Nairobi will do just fine. (Although I'm still planning on learning Italian this year, you know...just in case.)

Some people dream of starting their own businesses, but I don't think I have a single entrepreneurial bone in my body. I'm the 'fulltime-working-climbing-the-set-corporate-ladder' type, with a husband and babies to boot. Because, the same way I feel like finance is my thing, I also feel like motherhood is my thing, to a larger extent even. But that doesn't dissipate my need to have a career for myself. Mostly because, I want to make money so my kids grow up with every advantage possible, also I don't want my future theoretical husband to carry all the weight on his shoulders and also because I think that the feminist ages that the rest of the world went through, we're going through that now and with all the drama our Kenyan mothers have gone through, it would be difficult for me to trust in a man for my upkeep. Maybe my views will change when I have that baby and I cant imagine leaving him with a maid to take care of sister says that's the hardest thing she had to go through when her maternity leave was over.

Anyway back to IFM. It basically deals with exports and international trade and the forex markets and I can't wait to see how everything works. My biggest fear when it comes to this dream though, is whether or not I'll be able to get what I need out of school to land that amazing job, competition is ridiculous and coveted First Class degrees are hard to obtain. Adding to the pressure, I'm a bit of an introvert in that, unlike for example my cousin who got a job right out of High School (W.T.H??????) I'm more book smart than street smart.
I'm worried but I'm counting on the fact that this isn't the first time I'll be stepping into a new territory armed with nothing but my books and a large dose of prayer. And anyway, aren't I supposed to be content, knowing that I'm protected. There's a safety in hope, right?



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God Bless!!

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