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My name is Renee Adams, and I would like to introduce you to Me Myself and Mommy. No, I am not Hawaiian. I am left handed, and half Greek – talk about unique. I live in Buena Vista, Virginia with my husband Steve, and our two-year-old daughter Moanna (Mo’ for short). No pets – our lives are hectic enough as it is.


Though life has scattered us across the globe, my friends from high school are still the loves-of-my-life. A few college friends have managed to steal my heart as well, including my husband. The first time I saw Steve was at a sales conference. He was on stage receiving an award while I was sitting in the audience. At that moment, I knew I had to kiss him. I did not know I would marry him until our first date more than a month later.

Two months into my senior year at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!), just two months after Steve and I moved in together, I learned that I was pregnant with Moanna. Most young couples would have freaked out; for us, it was perfect. If I could spend the rest of my life seven months pregnant, I would. On June 4, 2007, just three weeks after I received my degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Mo was born. I promised her she could have all the ice cream she wanted, if she would just wait until after graduation to make her big debut.


I began Me Myself and Mommy as a way to chronicle my journey in motherhood. I wanted to create a site that would allow me to express myself as a woman and individual (i.e. MeMyself), and as a mother (i.e. Mommy). I bought the domain back in September of 2008, but did not gain the nerve to begin writing until June 4, 2009. I figured Mo’s second birthday was a great day to invite the world’s judgement into my life. I hope that you will laugh with me and not at me. Although, if you laugh at me, I can’t say that I blame you.

I hate snakes, wet socks and winter. Cold weather makes me a miserable person to be around. I love great food, traveling, and sleeping in. My body aches for a glass of wine. My soul aches for palm trees and the ocean. I am afraid of storms, violence and boredom. One day, I will live a life where time has no meaning and business casual is frowned upon. Until then…