For me Social Media Involvement is about Value

Today I feel as though the sky is clearer and the smog has dissippated.  The smog of Facebook has scattered, broken apart into nano particles of nothingness.  The air is clear. I discontinued my involvement with Facebook [FB].

For me, online/internet/world wide web social media involvement is all about Value.  Because Time is one of my most precious resources, the things I do with my time are important and those things that do not add value are not worth leaching my precious time.  And FB has become a leach of time without returning any significant value.  The FB company's newest changes and - frankly put - messing around with its algorithms, have taken away what value I did find in it initially.  So I discontinued.  Note: when you ask to have your account deleted, it doesn't happen right away..."they" give you 14 days in case you change your mind.  No mind changing here.

I use social media venues for my art business primarily.  I discovered over time that FB is not a good business venue and, I don't need it to stay in touch with friends and family...I do that face-to-face, over the phone and with traditional handwritten correspondence [both email and on actual paper].  I also discovered over time that the most valuable social media venue for my art business is LinkedIn.  The groups at LinkedIn are dynamic and most have conversations of value.  I've made very real connections via LinkedIn...and have never made a single connection via FB.  I'm not "dissing" Facebook just to be mean...rather the latest hoohaw over FB's changes got me thinking seriously about what is important.

Twitter is actually a very valuable social media venue for me.  Here, too, I have made concrete connections...go figure as you only get 140 characters.  But the "direct message" feature works as a way of sending and receiving quick questions and introductions; the retweet and reply features keep the twitterverse interesting and relevant.  I have received real value with Twitter and am amazed that my bit of the 'verse is now over 6,000 strong.

I haven't yet explored Goggle+ although I did "join" it.  Haven't yet had time to learn it and discover what value it might have...may do that this coming December when I take some down time from my work.

For me LinkedIn and Twitter [and maybe Google+ in the future] are my mainstream social media involvements.  I also have art and artist niche venues where I spend time.

I will say one thing I have noticed about FB and that is the slippery way the company has of gaining a foothold on the web...there are other companies who are partnering with FB to allow registration with said company to come from an FB account.  I surely hope folks out there aren't going to think that FB is going to become an oligarchy of sorts with blue strings of code snaking out everywhere into everything.  Could be a movie idea there.

I'm curious how others feel about the value of the social media they use.

Linda C Smith, Artist and Writer


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