"me" time does not require a check in call from anyone

last night i was with several of my girlfriends, we all sat under the stars and had bahama mamas and some coronas, we shared good food and conversation. we were all there at my friend lily's house, at her invitation. her husband was going to be out of town on a job and she had asked him if she could have a couple of friends over. in the midst of raising our drinks to "salud" and listening to music her phone rang. It was joe her husband, she had him on speaker phone, immediately he reacted to the laughter that had erupted from the group. we were laughing because she had mad a face and with her thick mexican accent said "oh look who it is". by this time a couple of hours into the party she was pretty toasted, she held the phone up for all to hear. do you know that he asked her who was there? did it matter? apparently to him it did, because with all of his machisimo he  was loosing control of his wife. she proceeded to tell him who was there, leaving out her "sombra" (translation shadow) or best friend whom he cannot stand. when she told him he said can you go somewhere private so we can talk, she pretended to and held the phone out, and i witnessed a display that made furious, he told her she was only to have 2 friends over that is what a "couple" meant. he went on to tell her he did not appreciate her lying to him. her retort to him was that what was the big deal and after that she smoked her ciggarette and basically ignored him. sensing this he hung up, by the way he doesn't allow her to smoke either. he barely allows her to work, he is threatened by any friendships that she has and does't like the fact that she has bleached her hair. yet he did allow her to go get breasts the size of cantaloupes, and a tummytuck. what was he thinking, she was going to hide those things in the daylight?

when we first laid eyes on eachother  it was two and 1/2 years ago, when we both went in for final interviews. i will admit that i did not care for her, here was this buxom blonde with a thick accent and a mole above her lip smiling and laughing like she had known everyone forever. while i, a more reserved version of myself was sizing everyone up. we were both hired and trained together, and for some strange reason i found her likable and we became fast friends. we have laughed together cried together, comforted eachother when things were bad, she is a forever friend. i have seen her blossom from this do as he says wife into a stronger, bolder, "i have a right to be happy" woman.

he called back 30 ,minutes later, said he felt ignored. she played the role and eventually he said i called in the first place to say "goodnight"..........to which she let out a belch, and an ok goodnight sweet dreams. ughhhh no he called to see who was there at his castle otherwise he would not have asked. we all laughed riotously and in unison called him an ass. we continued enjoying ourselves until we all felt the need to go home to our husbands or children, until we had had enough "me" time.  in my friends case i believe her husband is insecure and an idiot. he is an extreme. my point is this, as women we are expected to fill all of these roles mom, wife, daughter, sister, employee, cook, maid, chauffer, etc. etc. etc. the list is infinite. we cannot take a shower,or go pee without some  sort of interruption. so when we say we want "me" time don't call to check up on us, trust me we are having a good time!