Me vs. The Car Seat: Game on B@tches!

This is not a commentary on how great being a mom is...sure it has its great moments and during those times when I'm losing my mind (which are coming more often than I'd like) I like to look back on those moments of greatness and say "yup, this is why I am a mom". It could be something cool like watching my big boy get on the bus for the first day of kindergarten or my little girl run up to me and say "I'm practicing my pirouettes" but these moments are often over shadowed by the inability to find their backpack when it is literally two-inches from his face. 

No, no my friends in blog-land. This is a commentary on my biggest nemisis.  It is me versus the car seat! EVERY car seat that I have ever met has made me angry. ANGRY I tell you!!! I have cursed every car seat we own. I hate them with every ounce of my being. I try really hard to enjoy these moments of childhood because I'm sure the older ladies who stop in the grocery store to tell me to "enjoy these days because they go way too quickly" are not wrong. It seems like only yesterday I brough my first baby home on a cold winter Wisconsin day.  But it is so hard to enjoy childhood when all I can do is dream of the day that I can take each of my car seats to the dump...hell, what I'd really like to do is to have a huge bonfire and burn those bitches!

Why is it the my son can't figure out the seat belt and he's 5!!! Why is it that my 3 year old can't climb into the damn thing without sitting on the crotch strap??? Why is it that my infant carrier weighs 20 pounds WITHOUT the 12 pound infant - that's 32 pounds that I'm lugging around - who needs a medicine ball I ask you!?!?

So I will continue to enjoy these moments of childhood...these precious days when my little boy still experiences the joy of first soccer games and my darling daughter still loves to snuggle and my baby's face grins from ear to ear simple at the sight of me (yeah, I know I'm her source of food...but she loves me to pieces and I'll take it). 

So come on to all you engineering types out there...let's figure out a good, reliable, safe, and mommy-friendly car seat that won't get a front row seat at my car seat bonfire...Let's do it!

Anyway else hate those damn things??? Let's hear it!!!



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