Meal Plan Monday, May 13

This week got off to a rough start. There's nothing like sitting down to start your work day in Toronto and realizing you left your computer's power supply in Ottawa. OOPS! Luckily we're staying just a couple of blocks away from an Apple Store and I just had to wait for it to open this morning. Silly me.

(I feel I should point out we packed the tech and left the house before coffee yesterday. I feel lucky that the only thing I forgot was the power cord. Oh wait, I also forgot a hair brush.)

But there are concessions... like working from the Starbucks in the Indigo in the mall. I like working from coffee shops. It reminds me of being a student, although I certainly didn't have a laptop then and no one had wifi anyway. I was going to come back to the mall for lunch and I figured it would waste less time to just work here then going back and forth between the mall and the hotel a few more times. Also, the view doesn't suck.

View from my temporary office at the Indigo Starbucks.

We're eating out a lot more than usual because we're not home. My plans for the end of the week are rather loosey-goosey because I didn't plan before we left and I'm not really sure what's in the fridge/freezer right now.

Monday: We're in Toronto. Lee has dinner with a colleague. My plans got to postponed due to illness so I'm not sure what I'm doing to do. Maybe I'll grab some pizza and bring it back to the hotel. I'm TIRED.

Tuesday: We're not sure yet! We might go to one of our favourite restaurants in Toronto. Or we might go to the baseball game where one simply must get a hotdog. Or we might not either of those things. We're going to see how the day goes and play it by ear. We're pretty sure lunch is going to be at the St. Lawrence Market though. Mmm veal sandwich.

Wednesday: I'm guessing this is going to be either fast food on the drive home or we'll call a local restaurant (usually the local noodle house) from the road and grab some takeout. It depends on what time we actually leave Toronto. Or if we really can't face takeout, we can stop at a grocery store and pick up a rotisserie chicken and a salad.

Thursday: I think it will just be me at home for dinner but I'm not sure. I'll forage in the freezer and see what we have in there that I can pull out. I know there's some minestrone in there.

Friday: I don't want to have to go grocery shopping and I don't want takeout. I wonder if we still have some shrimp in the freezer... if so I'm thinking some spicy shrimp. If not, we'll pull some pork chops out of the freezer and grill them. We can do rice or quinoa for a side and we should have some frozen veg kicking around.

Saturday: Our friends have a BBQ every year on this weekend so we'll be chowing down on burgers and salads.

Sunday: I have absolutely no idea. We'll do a freezer dive or pick up something when we go grocery shopping.

What are you cooking this week?

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