Meal Plan Monday April 15

I want a weekend do-over. I did not get anything on my to do list done. That might have something to do with the Battlestar Galatica marathon we had on Sunday. I know I certainly didn't get all the writing done that I meant to do this weekend. Or read as much as I planned. I blame the weather.

We had ice fall from the sky on Friday. ICE. Hmph. I do not approve. We're watching the weather and we think that maybe, just maybe, we might be able to sit out on the deck next weekend. We have our fingers crossed because we could use some sunshine. But the weather this weekend meant it was perfect for crawling under a bunch of blankets on the couch (when we could wrestle them away from the cat) and ignoring all our to do lists.

Sunday: I don't normally include Sunday's meal because you've seen it the week before but we were just NOT in the mood for what was on the menu and we were going grocery shopping anyway. I did some scouting on Pinterest and I found this recipe for penne with asparagus, peas, mushrooms and cream. We halved the recipe because it serves something like 8 people and omg. Yum.

Monday: Minestrone and potato scallion bread. Hmm I guess that means I should go dig the bread out of the freezer.

Tuesday: Our favourite chicken burgers with peanut sauce. (Hmm, I think we forgot to buy buns for these.)

Wednesday: Five-spice pork chops with potatoes and veg.

Thursday: Tamale pie (freezer meal)

Friday: Greek-style shrimp with feta (from the Dinner: A Love Story cookbook) and rice or quinoa

Saturday: We'll be out for dinner.

Sunday: Roast chicken

What are you making this week?BlogHer Book Club Host Karen Ballum also blogs at Sassymonkey and Sassymonkey Reads.


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