Meal Plan Monday, April 22

Our meal plan went to pot pretty quickly last week and as a result ate too much takeout. There are weeks like that. The plus side of the takeout bonanza is that we really, really want lots of homemade meals this week. Well that and we ordered the spicy veg pizza we had ordered last month and it didn't make my lips swell up like balloons this time. Yay!

Monday: The shrimp dish we didn't make on Friday because we ordered pizza. (It's ok, we use frozen shrimp and it never even got out of the freezer.)

Tuesday: Cheese enchiladas. I'll make a side of rice. Probably also some black beans.

Wednesday: Leftovers or if there aren't enough leftovers I can pull the tamale pie out of the freezer (also did not get made last week). Or throw some hotdogs on the bbq.

Thursday: I don't know. The fake husband is in charge. I assume he's throwing something on the bbq. He'll figure it out.

Friday: Pizza night!

Saturday: We're going to a friend's house, where there will be meat thrown on the bbq. Are you sensing a theme here? It's called "spring."

Sunday: Roast duck. The fake husband loves duck and it was on sale. He's going to be a very happy guy, assuming I can figure out how to cook it properly.

What are you cooking this week?

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