Meal Plan Monday, April 30th

I am back! And I have a meal plan. I have to say that one of the nice things about being on vacation was the lack of meal planning. Not that it helped Jenna much since she still had to plan. Ha! She cooked very yummy meals and the tequila lime chicken she made for the burrito bowls will be making an appearance in our slow cooker soon. But then we came home and we had to plan. When I sat down to make the plan for the weekend it was just easier to plan all the way through the week so I have a few more days in her than I do normally.

Saturday: Portobello mushroom pasta, which was immediately placed in our "to make again" file. Yum!

Sunday: Grilled sweet chili bbq chicken breasts, streamed green beans, and rice salad. The chicken got a big thumbs up, as did the rice salad thought that's not quite how I made the rice salad. The fake husband is not really fond of sultanas in salads or dried apricots in anything at all so I left those out and I didn't have any pepitas. I added some diced red bell pepper. I also didn't have any herbs. It was still yummy, which is good because we still have a lot of left that we'll be eating for lunch the next couple of days.

Monday: Ham and potato hash with a green salad. We're pulling some leftover Easter ham out of the freezer for this one.

Tuesday: Stir fry, which we'll be making this with pork instead of chicken and certainly not with rice after all the rice salad leftovers.

Wednesday: We have some marlin in the freezer that I think we'll pull out. (It was on sale. 50% off.) I've heard that it's best if you marinate and grill so that's what we'll do. Not sure about the side yet. Maybe some salad. Or we have sweet potatoes.

Thursday: leftovers or pull something from the freezer.

Friday: Pizza night. We haven't had homemade pizza in awhile.

Saturday: Pulled pork with homemade tortillas and salad

Sunday: I am thinking steaks on the bbq but I need to check in our freezer stash and see if we have steak.

Bonus: I finally found my recipe for Aunt Mary's fudge cake and I want to make it.

What are you cooking this week? Did you make anything yummy while I was on vacation?

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