Meal Plan Monday August 20

Most of the time, meal planning is not particularly difficult for us. We try to think of what we have on hand, what we're craving, and just go from there. But there are times when I'd rather bang my head against the wall than meal plan. That was yesterday. I was tired and it was taking far too much mental energy to plan things, so this week's meal plan is not all that it could be. It's rather uninspired. We're probably going to revisit it on Wednesday and make some tweaks.

Monday: Thai salad with ground turkey. (Supposed to be last night's dinner but we had a gazpacho craving. One does not ignore such cravings when all the veggies are actually in season.)

Tuesday: I'm home alone. Maybe I'll make the alfredo sauce I was planning to make last week only to find we didn't have cream or milk in the house. (I was a very cranky Karen at that moment.) Or -- more likely -- I'll still be working through the gazpacho leftovers.

Wednesday: Pork tenderloin and homemade creamed corn. (We may make extra of the creamed corn to freeze.)

Thursday: Enchiladas. Maybe. We're not sure.

Friday: Pizza!

Saturday: Grilled chicken drumsticks, which we were supposed to have for dinner this Saturday but didn't bother taking them out of the freezer after our friends gave us tickets to a local blues and ribs festival. (The blues were good. The ribs were sadly not very good.) And this may change. I feel like we've got plans for Saturday that I've forgotten...

Sunday: Spaghetti and meatballs.

Extras: I feel like baking cookies. And there's a minty pea dip recipe in a cookbook I want to try. (It uses 2/3 a cup of mint. Yay! We have a lot of mint!)

What are you making this week?

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