Meal Plan Monday, August 27

So... we sat down to meal plan yesterday and then we made our grocery list and our grocery list only had FIVE items on it. That seemed really wrong. We figured we forgot things so we wander the aisles. Yes, we picked up extra things but they were awesome extra things -- like mini cream sandwiches. (On sale! Woo!)

There is one area where we are seriously lacking in planning though, and that's lunch. I can be... picky. Look, I'm fine with leftovers but I'd really prefer not to eat the same thing for lunch as I did for dinner the night before. We don't toss our leftovers, we just freeze a lot of them and pull them out for meals for later in the month. I'm not really a fan of sandwiches. (I find them boring. I always have.) And we don't do frozen "lunch entrees" because a. we're not really fond of them and b. we don't have a microwave. In the amount of time it would take us to heat up one of those in the oven I can make a kick-butt meal... or I could if I actually made lunch. I think I need to start planning my lunches and goodness, that is going to be a pain in the butt. I do have a Pinterest Lunch Ideas board and I'll be trying to add to that.

Monday: Our favourite turkey burgers with peanut sauce.

Tuesday: Grilled pork chops and sweet potatoes

Wednesday: Chicken with soy-lime sauce and whatever veggies I can scare up.

Thursday: Just me at home and I'm going to have some pasta with creamy garlic sauce. The last time I tried to make this I had the garlic in the pan before I realized we were out of milk. We are NEVER out of milk. I was Annoyed.

Friday: We'll be in Toronto (yay!) at the Canadian National Exhibition (yay!) so we'll be eating fair food (yay!). (I'm hoping the fake husband won't discover the deep-fried bacon hotdogs. But I just mentioned it here so he probably will because he reads our meal plans.)

Saturday: If we get home in time I'll pull some pulled pork out of the freezer (yay freezer meals). If not, we'll probably order some Vietnamese or Chinese take-out from the road and pick it up on our way home.

Sunday: Spicy bean burritos and rice. Or salad. Or whatever looks good when we go grocery shopping.

Do you plan your lunches? What do you eat for lunch?

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