Meal Plan Monday December 10

We have entered the part of the holidays where all I want for dinner is a plate full of appetizers. All the time. Gimme the YUMMY SNACKY NOMS! I also want to bake all the things, which is amusing because I rarely eat the things I bake since I am seriously lacking a sweet tooth. The exception, of course, being Denise's mint sugar cookies but we've already made those and I have eaten many. The problem is that I don't really know what I want to bake. A good problem to have but still frustrating!

Speaking of snacky noms, I made not-Chex Mix yesterday. Twice. Because I burned the first batch, which was a double batch I was unimpressed with myself but I discovered it's really easy to burn this and actually turned down the oven AND reduced the cooking time to 45 mintues for the second (alas, only a single) batch. The second batch did not burn it was maybe a bit too good because I couldn't stop snacking on it. I am still kinda grouchy about burning the first batch.

Making snacky noms!

I have a feeling things will bump around in our meal plan this week. We're getting into that place where it's almost the holidays so things are getting busy.

Monday: Crockpot pot roast. It was supposed to be Sunday night's dinner but we used all the potatoes Saturday night when I made this cheesy potato and ham bake, which I totally recommend because YUM!

Tuesday: Apricot mustard chicken (bone-in chicken breasts) and roasted vegetables (or salad...hmmm...) Unless we go to The Glen for dinner, which is a possibility.

Wednesday: Meatballs! I always make a batch of retro-y meatballs this time of year but I'm a wee bit tired of our usual sweet and sour meatballs. So I poked thatwoman to get her recipe, which she calls Mama's Meatballs and that I think of as Birthday Party Meatballs because I had them at Denise's 40th birthday party.

Thursday: Soup!

Friday: Spiced pork tenderloin with sauteed apples and... something vegetable-y.

Saturday: I'm leaving this blank because I have a hunch that we'll be out either Friday or Saturday night so it gives me room to bump things around.

Sunday: Fake Husband birthday pizza and something banana-y for dessert.

What are you cooking this week? And what should I bake?

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