Meal (and Holiday Baking) Plan Monday December 12

Our meal plan is very sketchy this week because we're going to be gone for part of it. (Which is also why I'm posting this Sunday night - I might forget in the morning!) We didn't do poorly last week but yet again we failed to roast the chicken. It's becoming a routine around here - put roast chicken on the menu and then do not make it.

Monday: Dinner out with the fake husband's coworkers in Toronto.

Tuesday: Hopefully dinner with friends in Toronto. Must confirm!

Wednesday: Dinner on the road back from Toronto. Probably fast food.

Thursday: We're going to get back late Wednesday night. I am thinking pasta and some sauce pulled from the freezer. I know I saw some when I was poking around in there.

Friday: The fake husband's choice. It's his birthday! I usually make him pizza for his birthday but since we've adopted Friday night as pizza night I've asked him if he'd prefer something else. He's still thinking.

Saturday: We've got tickets to the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Concert. Last year we ate out but I'm thinking we'll stick close to home this time. It's hard to plan when I don't know what Friday night's dinner is. I'm going to say flank steak and sweet potatoes for now. It might change.

Sunday: Sweet and sour meatballs. It's a tradition this time of year.

Christmas baking: I am so. far. behind. I don't know what gonna get made and what's not at this point. I need to make Denise's sugar cookies because it's not Christmas without them. My mother is sending plum pudding (thank you Mum!) and scotch cookies so I don't need to make those. (Knowing her, she is sending other things. I just don't know what yet.) I was hoping to make truffles but I might wait until late next week to make those so I can take them to our friend's place on Boxing Day. That still leaves Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls, which I think are a tradition at this point. I've had my eye on a few new cookies... I need more time! (And more butter...) Thank goodness I've stopped making Peppermint Patties at least.

What are you cooking this week? Are you doing any Christmas baking?

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