Meal Plan Monday February 13

I am sick of roast chicken. I'm not a big fan of chicken anyway (two bouts of salmonella in ten years will do that to a person) but I do eat it. Occasionally. Except whole chickens keep going on sale and we keep buying them and gah, tired of roast chicken. Because really, in the end it all more or less tastes the same even if I rub it with different spices and I am bored of something I don't like very much in the first place. There are still two more whole chickens in the freezer. Yay?

Also, let's talk carrots. We were almost out of carrots so the fake husband bought carrots at Costco, which means we're now drowning in carrots. Hit me with your favourite carrot recipes please.

Monday: Pork chops and pierogies.

Tuesday: Burgers and oven fries.

Wednesday: Pasta with quick garlic alfredo sauce.

Thursday: Carrot soup or leftovers.

Friday: Pizza. But not our usual. Maybe a deep-dish pizza. Or pizza rolls. Or calzones.

Saturday: Beef stew? There is a slight possibility we might be out for the day in which case we probably are not having beef stew.

Sunday: I really can't decide. I keep thinking I should probably do something with one of those whole chickens in the freezer but I don't know if I can bring myself do it. Maybe I could break it down into pieces? Though I've never done that before...

What's on your plate this week? And have you ever broken down a whole chicken into pieces?

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