Meal Plan Monday February 6

Last week wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been, seeing as we didn't really have a meal plan. There was one take-out meal (I had a shawarma craving) and for the rest we rummaged in the freezer and pantry and found plenty to eat. But this week we have, more or less, a proper meal plan. I feel very relieved.

Monday: Either pulled pork tacos or enchiladas with the leftover root beer pulled pork from Super Bowl Sunday. I haven't really decided yet which I want and probably won't until the last minute. I think we still have some leftover black beans as well.

Tuesday: Spicy peanut butter noodles but with chicken instead of pork.

Wednesday: Beef stew

Thursday: Soup night or leftovers. It kinda depends on what's still kicking around in the fridge.

Friday: Pizza night, of course.

Saturday: I am leaving Saturday in the fake husband's hands. I am going to be gone all day (like really gone, I'm flying into Toronto and back home the same day) so dinner will be his domain Saturday night.

Sunday: Roast chicken (we still have THREE in the freezer) and um... something.

I have the itch to bake something this week but I'm not sure what. If it ignore it, the feeling will probably pass. Some homemade bread *would* be nice...

What are you cooking up this week?

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