Meal Plan Monday, June 25: The Dreaded B-word

Yes, that b-word. We are officially On A Budget. The fake husband has been out of work since May and we're nearing the end of his severance. The job market is always slow here in the summer and won't kick back in until after Labour Day in September. Since he'd been on so many interviews we were hopeful that he'd pick up something by now but now we're facing the possibility that he'll be out of work until the fall. We'll be fine and we'll still be able to do our PEI vacation (BlogHer is... iffy but still looking ok, mostly) but we need to be careful with our funds. So, budgeting it is.

We have a budget of $100 a week for groceries. It's totally doable. It's really not far off what we spend weekly and there are weeks we spend less than that as it is. There are also weeks when we've spent more than that but it's usually been times when we've gone to Costco to stock up on things like laundry detergent or we've found a really great sale on something. It's potentially a little more challenging this week because we've already spent close to half our budget. We hosted a BBQ on the weekend and had to buy some things we don't normally buy and couldn't pull from our pantry -- mostly for this Pioneer Woman macaroni salad recipe. Alas, it was not a hit in our house making it possibly the first time we didn't love a PW recipe. I can see us re-utilizing the dressing portion of the recipe though and putting in different veggies. (It was too pickle-y for our taste but if you are very pro-pickle that is so the macaroni salad recipe for you.)

We have a very well-stocked freezer and pantry. We'll be planning our meals based on what's in the freezer and we have everything from scallops to prime rib in there. Yay sales! We've been buying whatever has been on sale for oh, ages. It's the way we shop. Our meal planning isn't really going to be all that different than usual since we've mostly planned this way. We'll be watching the flyers a bit more closely but otherwise, things go on as usual.

dinner a love storyMonday: Black bean burritos, inspired by the Dinner: A Love Story Cookbook recipe. I received a copy as swag at a BookExpo America party (thank you Harper Collins!) and it's really a lovely cookbook and memoir. You should check out the Dinner: A Love Story blog. I'm also going to do something with the sweet potatoes we've got kicking around. Maybe sweet potato fries.

Tuesday: Pasta with homemade tomato sauce and a green salad.

Wednesday: Just me at home so I'll be rocking some leftovers. Or maybe I'll make some carrot soup.

Thursday: Grilled chicken drumsticks and broccoli salad with bacon, cranberries and cheddar.

Friday: Grilled marlin and couscous with veggies. (I know, no pizza. Shocking.)

Saturday: Kabobs and potato packets. We're not sure what kind of kabobs yet. Depends on what we can dig out of the freezer and/or what's on sale.

Sunday: Happy Canada Day! While we could head out to a local park and see Kim Mitchell (Patio Lanterns, anyone?) or head down to Parliament Hill for all kinds of festivities, we're going to stick close to home and away from the crowds. We'll be chowing down on our favourite Dr. Pepper Ribs and a tomato cucumber salad.

And to give you a look at what our grocery list looks like this week: bag of onions, a red onion, lemons, jalapenos, cucumber, grape tomatoes, broccoli, blueberries (huge containers are on sale right now), mayo, and probably some black beans. I might have a bag of dried black beans in which case I'll cook up a big batch and freeze them instead of buying cans since we're using the last of our cans in the black bean burritos. We'll probably also need another 4L of milk before the end of the week. The rest of our budget we'll use to buy whatever meat is on sale so we can throw it in the freezer.

What are you cooking this week? Any budget tips for me?

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