Meal Plan Monday March 25

I keep reminding myself that Easter was later last year. It was in April, for starters. Yet I keep looking at the piles of snow and thinking about how we almost served Easter dinner on the deck because it was so darned warm. We sat in the sun. Lee wore shorts. I wore a summer dress. That sounds so much nicer than the snow I am currently staring at.

We're not doing a big Easter dinner this year. We've got too much going on the next couple of weeks. We'll have everyone over for a BBQ when the weather improves. Sometime after the birthdays and anniversaries. We'll have burgers. And grilled bread with the minty pea spread I've discovered I like a whole lot. And some kind of salad that does not taste like pickles (a macaronic salad disaster).

It's a busy week for both Lee and I but I decided my unusually busy week trumps his only normally busy week and informed him he was in charge of one meal this week. And then I assigned him two. I'm very giving that way.

Monday: Chicken pot pie - Lee's specialty.

Tuesday: Burgers and grilled veg - another Lee speciality. ;-)

Wednesday: Just me at home. I'll pull something from the freezer. Or maybe I'll splurge and do take out!

Thursday: Pork chops and potatoes.

Friday: Good Friday means a veg meal. So! Grilled vegetable and goat cheese sandwiches. As usual, I'll skip on the eggplant because no matter how many times I try it, I simply do not care for eggplant. The recipe calls for ciabatta bread but we've made it on foccacia before.

Saturday: Spicy shrimp with yogurt sauce and veggies. Maybe rice or quinoa.

Sunday: I have no idea. NO IDEA.

Let's say, theoretically, you thought you had not bought potatoes the week before and then you got to the grocery store and bags of potatoes were "buy one, get one free" so you did and then you go home and discovered you HAD bought potatoes the week before.... what would you do with all those potatoes? You know, theoretically. (Oops?)

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