Meal Plan Monday March 5

No, I did not forget to make my meal plan this week. I bet you thought I did! My notebook was in the living room and I forgot to grab it every time I went downstairs today. And ok, maybe when I was making the meal plan I forgot to put Wednesday on the list and skipped right from Tuesday to Thursday. I have a cold. You can't blame me for wishing the week was shorter!

Last week we did not have a meal plan and I really regretted it. No meal plan meant no leftovers and no leftovers meant no lunches. I ate a lot of Babybel cheese last week. There was no way I was going to do that again this week. Though all things considered, we did a pretty good job of resisting the siren song of take-out and even tried a new recipe.

Monday: Homemade chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. If I remember to cook the green beans than we'll also have green beans. (I forget to cook green beans a lot.)

Tuesday: Beef stew

Wednesday: We have some cod in the freezer that I want to do something with. Fish cakes? Maybe? I'm not sure how many potatoes we have left so that might not work.

Thursday: Leftovers from earlier in the week or I'll something grab from our freezer stash.

Friday: Pizza night. I'm pulling for take-out. Should we give the new place another try to go back to our usual spot?

Saturday: The fake husband wants Dr. Pepper ribs.

Sunday: Roast chicken. I *will* get through those chickens in the freezer. I swear I think they are multiplying in there.

What are you cooking this week?

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