Meal Plan Monday, May 7

I've had a busy day. My meal plan has been sitting in front of me since noon and this is the first chance I've had to write up this post! Ever have days like that?

Monday - We had a big lunch so we're just going to have salad and bread for dinner. And some of these salted caramel banana nut muffins that the fake husband made. I don't even like banana-y things but they smell really good.

Tuesday - Lamb stew!

Wednesday - A really small batch of chowder because we found some fish at a really good price but just a small amount. And either bread (we buy 1/2 off baguettes and freeze them) or homemade biscuits.

Thursday - I am on my own so I'll scrounge around in the fridge and freezer.

Friday - Pizza night!

Saturday - Honey dijon grilled chicken and a big salad. Maybe a broccoli salad...

Sunday - Grilled pork chops and chickpea salad.

We didn't really mean to have stew and chowder back to back. We thought we had lamb chops in the freezer but it turns out we did not. Oops! Ah well, they are supposed to be damp, rainy days anyway. Sometimes that's just the way things go.

What are you cooking this week?

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