Meal Plan Monday, November 26: Company's Coming

This is the final week of my month-long meal plan and we've actually stuck to it more often than not! We were more likely to stray on the weekends, which makes sense since our weekends were a bit busy. We ended up going to a concert. And we redecorated the dining room. And we had company over for yummy food. We ate out a little bit more than we probably should have overall I have to say it was really good.

I'm not sure about doing a meal plan for the month of December because well, December can be BUSY and a lot of that busy happens at the last minute. There are, however, seasonal meals and sweets we like to make so I should probably get those figured out soon.

We're going to kick things off this weekend when my friend Cat comes to visit. She hasn't been to Ottawa since we moved into the house so I think we're all excited about it. :)

Monday: Potato leek soup and a demi baguette.

Tuesday: Pasta with sundried tomato pesto.

Wednesday 11/28: Beef tenderloin steaks with tuscan veg and green beans.

Thursday 11/29: Oven-baked chimichangas.

Friday: Cat arrives on Friday and every time she comes we have a shrimp ring. I'm not sure why but it's a tradition now. We're going to have that and sweet potato and black bean soup. I kick it up a bit and add some chipotle power to mine because that's how I roll.

Saturday: Chicken with peanut red curry sauce and noodles. I'll cut back on the onions a bit for Cat and up the green beans. Green beans are really, really good in this recipe. YUM! And possibly actually measure the red curry paste this time since last time I didn't and it was sort of burn your face off hot.... though still delicious.

I'm trying to think of yummy breakfast items, too. Right now I'm thinking this yummy cardamom citrus fruit salad and a frittata. I also have some hot cereal and oatmeal that I think would be pair nicely with some fresh berries but I'm not sure how Cat feels about hot cereals. I'm not sure about lunches yet because we may not be home but lunches are easier to figure out on the fly. We'll have lots of fruits and veggies on hand for salads, etc.

What are you cooking this week? What do you serve for breakfast when you have company over?

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