Meal Plan Monday November 28

Last week was a fabulous reminder of why we need meal plans. When we don't have a meal plan we realize it's 5pm and we have no plans for dinner. That's how we ended up eating out twice last week. I'd say oops but I really enjoyed that Chinese take-out and the pizza wasn't bad either. A week off from meal planning really solidified our desire to have one for this week.

We have no room in our freezer right now for anything new so we're on a bit of a clearing out the freezer kick at the moment. We need to make room for Christmas goodies! Our plan for this week was not to buy any meat since we have a freezer full of it. We succeeded and came in with another under $100 grocery bill for the week. We've been real slackers on the veggie front lately so I'm trying to kick up our veggie intake.

Monday: Lamb chops (inspired by a Jamie Oliver Meals in Minutes episode we saw on the weekend and the fact we had lamb in the freezer), roasted cherry tomatoes, salad and roasted potatoes.

Tuesday: Crockpot turkey sloppy joes and salad. Question is whether I'll make the rolls or get the fake husband to grab a couple of kaisers on his way home.

Wednesday: Beef stew & rolls (if I make kaisers for Tuesday's dinner we'll use those, if not it will be these winter squash dinner rolls that everyone was raving about last week.)

Thursday: Leftovers or something from the freezer/pantry... Thursday and Wednesday may switch depending on what night the fake husband is out.

Friday: Calzones with pepperoni and red onions and a raw veggie platter

Saturday: Pork tenderloin (maybe medallions?) with some of Major Craig's locally-made chutney and roasted root veggies

Sunday: Roast chicken and mashed potatoes. I am hunting for a new roast chicken recipe. I'm a bit tired of our usual lemon/rosemary/thyme combination.

What are you cooking this week? Any roast chicken suggestions for me?

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