Meal Plan Monday, November 5

Something I like to remind people when I talk about meal planning is this -- just because we make a meal plan does not mean that we follow it. Last week was a good example massively ignoring our meal plan. And to be perfectly honest, we frequently either forget or ignore whatever we have planned for Sundays. I think this would change if we actually displayed our meal plan somewhere in the house instead of just posting it online. It's a project I'm working on, I just need to decide how and where I want to display our weekly meal plans in our kitchen.

Lee has been commenting for awhile that our chest freezer is full and I was ignoring him. Last week I had to go diving in it to try to find the bread to go with our soup and making everything fit back in the freezer was like playing an advanced level of Tetris. There was only one solution -- it was time to take inventory and clear it out. Sunday morning we spent some time in the basement and wrote down absolutely everything that was in the chest freezer and then came upstairs and did the same thing for the refrigerator freezer. We had to throw out shockingly few items, three of which were unidentified objects. (Note to self: buy some masking tape.)

When we were done I sat down and make a meal plan for this week using almost exclusively stuff from our freezer and pantry. Then I did one for next week. And the week after that. And the week after that. We currently have meals planned through to December 2. We have never planned out this far in advance before. It will be be interesting to see how well we stick with it!

We did not go grocery shopping on Sunday like we usually do. We will probably have to run out later in the week for milk and bread. Over the next few weeks our grocery shopping will be more or less limited to milk, bread and fresh fruit and vegetables. It's actually really good timing for this because it helps balance out our Christmas budget (which I'll be discussing on BlogHer in more detail next month) and it helps make room in the freezer for Christmas goodies.

Monday 11/5: We're either eating out or grabbing take out because we both have stuff going on tonight outside the house.

Tuesday 11/6: T-bones (freezer) with sweet potato fries (from the sweet potatoes in the pantry) and broccoli (frozen)

Wednesday 11/7: Chicken drumsticks (freezer) with orange chipotle sauce (freezer - leftover from the last time we made chipotle orange glazed drumsticks) and a Tuscan veggie mix (freezer)

Thursday 11/8: It's likely just me for dinner. I'm going to make ravioli (freezer) with tomato sauce (freezer)

Friday 11/9: I believe this is the night we'll be going to see our friend in a play at a local theatre so it will be dinner out!

Saturday 11/10: Pork tenderloin (freezer) with maple seasoning and broccoli (freezer)

Sunday 11/11: Crockpot pot roast (freezer) with potatoes, carrots and onions (pantry)

What are you cooking this week? How often do you take an inventory of your freezer?

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