Meal Plan Monday, October 16

*cough* *sniff* The fake husband brought home germs from his new job and I am so impressed. Hmph! Luckily I get off easy on the meal planning front this week.

Monday: Um... we didn't take anything out of the freezer so I'm guessing it's going to be whatever I can toss together from the fridge and cupboard. Maybe quinoa and sauteed spinach? Or I think I could toss together a sweet potato and black bean soup pretty easily, which might be better since soup is good when you are fighting a cold.

Tuesday: Tourtiere! We were discussing what we had in the freezer. As soon as they fake husband said ground pork and ground veal I shouted, "TOURTIERE!" Mmmm....

Wednesday: Pork tenderloin. We have a lot of them in the freezer because they keep going on sale.

Thursday: We're going out to eat before going to see Ashley MacIsaac rock out with his fiddle.

Friday - Saturday: I'll be in Toronto so the fake husband is on his own for dinner. I'm not sure where I'll be eating. I suspect there will sushi at some point. And drinks with Moonsoar!

Sunday: Since I won't be back until the afternoon I think I'll make the fake husband responsible for dinner. Sounds good, don't you think?

What are you cooking this week?

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