Meal Plan Monday, October 1

When I made my meal plan yesterday it was cold and rainy. It made me want to put all the comfort foods on our menu. I held back a bit but we certainly have some good hearty meals on deck this week. I also was trying to keep a mind toward making sure we had plenty of leftovers because... the fake husband started his new job today. Huzzah! Here's hoping that his new office has decent kitchen facilities, by which I mean a fridge and microwave.

Monday: BBQ turkey sloppy joes in the crockpot. I've made these before but I used the bigger 6qt (5.5qt?) crockpot and it was just too big for this recipe and they burned a bit. I'm trying it out in the 3.5qt one today. If that doesn't work I'll just adapt it to a stovetop recipe because it's really very good.

Tuesday: Butternut squash mac and cheese. A fall favourite. And nothing goes better on the side than broccoli. I just need to remember to ask the fake husband to cut the stupid squash in half for me. Am I the only one that has trouble cutting butternut squash?

Wednesday: Sweet and spicy pork tenderloin with roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips.

Thursday: Leftovers or carrot soup

Friday: Date night!

Saturday: This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving so we're going over to a friend's place for a big turkey dinner.

Sunday: I like turkey but since we have it at Christmas I'm less enthused about having it for Thanksgiving. We've started a new trend of Thanksgiving lasagna. I believe this will be the third year we've done this. We've have homemade lasagna, a salad and something either apple-y or pumpkin-y for dessert.

What are you cooking this week? Do you have any untraditional traditions?

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