Meal Plan Monday, September 10

I made a meal plan last week but I was only home for part of the day on Monday and then I got lazy/forgot. We did stick to it though. Go us! And I am making progress with lunches most days, although there was one day last week in which I was desperate and a microwave meal was hunted down out of the freezer. (Cooked in the oven because we don't actually own a microwave.) I forgot how much I dislike microwave meals. I think that was the last one anyway.

We haven't gone grocery shopping yet this week so I'm not sure what I'll have for lunches. Maybe I'll just make another big batch of quinoa and add different veggies to it each day. Quick and easy lunches are going to be key for us this week since the fake husband is determined to do a bunch of projects (deck staining, driveway sealing and bathroom painting). We should have enough leftovers for his lunch but maybe I'll hit the deli and pick him up some stuff for sandwiches.

Monday: Chicken enchiladas. I think. Maybe. The fake husband wants to go to the movies and is taking the lead on dinner tonight so that may change.

Tuesday: Just me at home. We have some leftover pulled pork in the freezer. I might pull it out and have a pulled pork stuffed sweet potato.

Wednesday: Chowder! And homemade biscuits.

Thursday: Shepherd's pie.

Friday: Pizza night. :)

Saturday: Just me at home again since the fake husband will be off at a charity golf tournament. I am thinking I might splurge and get some Chinese food delivered. Or maybe I'll dart out in the morning and buy something for dinner that night.

Sunday: Prime rib! We've had one chilling out in a freezer for awhile. I think it's time to pull it out.

Hmmm you might be able to tell there was a definite autumn chill in the air when we made our meal plan. Ha!

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