Meal Plan Monday, September 17

Anyone following my updates last week on Chatter or Instagram might have noticed that we did a LOT around the house last week. First, the fake husband sealed the driveway. Verdict? Easy to do on our own but man, that stuff is stinky. He power washed everything from the deck to the siding. We painted the bathroom and it's no longer yellow. I actually like yellow and it was a nice shade of yellow but it didn't go with anything else in the bathroom which is blue/grey. So now we have a grey bathroom with newly spray painted white shelves and we sigh happily every time we enter it. And then we spent eight hours staining the deck and we love how that turned out, too. And then we sat on the couch all weekend because we were TIRED.

So, you'll understand why we veered from the meal plan. Kind of. I had planned to grab some takeout on my Saturday home alone but we ended up grabbing Chinese food the day we stained the deck. I cooked on Saturday instead. I think that's a totally fair substitution! And then we forgot to take the prime rib out of the freezer. Oops. We improvised dinner with some stuff from the freezer that didn't take as long to thaw as a prime rib.

Monday: Pulled pork tacos

Tuesday: Shepherd's pie (which got bumped off the plan last week)

Wednesday: Potato leek soup (we may switch this to Tuesday)

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Elk sausages and broccoli salad

Saturday: Chicken parmesan

Sunday: If I'm feeling ambitious after the army run, prime rib. (Erm, and if we remember to take it out of the freezer.) Or we have some beef stew we can pull from the freezer since I made a double batch the last time I made it.

What are you cooking this week?

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