Meal Plan Tuesday, July 17: Post-Vacation Yums

Ok, so I'm a day late. That's not bad considering it's post-vacation re-entry and I actually do have a meal plan. I even made it and did all the grocery shopping on Sunday! I just ran out of time to actually get it all together to post yesterday.

First things first -- vacation was wonderful. I had the best fried scallops I've probably ever had in my life and that's saying something. A friend of a friend started a winery and I stocked up on his wine. I picked up some locally made gin and pastis at a PEI distillery. Almost every meal we had was fabulous (though there was one that was spectacularly bad). There was some splashing in the pool, lots of walking on beaches and some good snuggling with my best friend's eight week old daughter. Basically it was a great vacation. Except for the mosquitos. There must have been some standing water near our cottage because the place was swarming with them at all times of day. That was rather disappointing but hey, it's nature. What are you going to do?

How we spent our day. #PEI #roadtrip

After a long car ride back where our only stops were at truck stops and convenience stores, when we got home we were ready for some vegetables. Lots of vegetables. So Sunday afternoon I broke out my chef's knife and food processor to make gazpacho. I kind of mashed up two recipes -- one from The Pioneer Woman and one from Simply Recipes. It's a keeper! We ate it Sunday night with avocado slices and some potato scallion bread that we bought at our supermarket. I need to learn how to make it because it might have been the best bread ever. The gazpacho and bread made for a yummy first day back to work lunch and we still have enough left for today. Score! But next time I really probably should half the recipe.

Monday: PEI new potatoes (new potatoes are big thing in PEI... and super yummy) and grilled pork chops. We used a big of leftover rub from Dr. Pepper ribs on the pork chops and some of the commercial Dr. Pepper bbq sauce (we're out of homemade). It was really good.

Tuesday: Grilled tandoori salmon with brown rice and whatever green veggie I can dig out of the freezer. If you haven't tried tandoori salmon you must! We just mix some Patak's tandoori paste with some plain yogurt and smear it on the salmon. Then we leave it for a hour or so before grilling.

Wednesday: It's just me at home and I'm not sure. Maybe just a salad. It's HOT here.

Thursday: I can't decide what I want to eat. We originally thought roast chicken but it's too darned hot for that (be different if we had a rotisserie attachment for our grilll...). Then we thought grilled scallops but I had a lot of scallops last week. Right now I'm leaning toward grilled drumsticks or chicken thighs. Maybe the Homesick Texan's chipotle-orange glazed drumsticks... we'd just need to pick up a few oranges.

Friday: Pizza night! We'll be doing homemade pizza but here's the question -- do we want to do it the regular way or do we want to branch out and try our hand (finally) at grilled pizza?

Saturday: Pulled pork in the crockpot. I thought I'd give the fake husband a night off from grilling. We like The Mrs Rootbeer Pulled Pork recipe. The sauce tends to make a little bit more than we really need so we freeze the extra. We've discovered the sauce is fabulous on grilled chicken.

Sunday: Pulled pork tacos. After the last time I made these will pulled pork leftovers the fake husband decreed it was the only thing he wants to do with pulled pork leftovers. So I'll be making some homemade tortillas. Unless I'm lazy.

We also have some cherries that I need to do something with. The week before we went on vacation I made cherry cobbler. I could make that again but I'm open to suggestions!

What are you cooking this week?

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