Before meals and after meals when running the most to lose weight

First of all, we talk about running after a meal, in everyday life, many people have the habit of night run, came home from work to dinner, just have time to exercise, but in fact running after a meal is not very suitable for it, why? Just eaten, the stomach to digest food intake, go running, will hinder the function of the stomach, oh, maybe even cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Fat burning effect of running after a meal is also low, because just the food intake will give priority to energy consumption, and then come the fat, so it may take longer, your fat to burn up Oh! So I suggest you running to avoid after a meal, have to wait for at least 2-3 hours a fully digest food and then oh.

Next we talk about running before meals, in general, jogging, in addition to the appropriate jogging early in the morning, in fact, before meals, running our weight loss fitness effect is quite effective.

Specifically, before a meal after over a period of time, we humans food digest similar, and we human fasting fat as an energy source is used, running, fat burning becomes more easily, so weight loss is quite obvious.

If we have some critical knowledge treadmill weight loss results even on a layer, such as our movement to be physically and mentally quiet, metabolic restore stability, even if a bite to eat at this time, not easy to accumulate fat in rice before running is more appropriate Oh, weight loss does not have to starve to lose weight is not a painful thing, you can try under the advice given.

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