Mean Girls

I HAVE to get this off my chest. You all know the type of girl I am talking about when I say it, and you may even be one. MEAN GIRLS! What makes a mean girl mean? What are they really trying to accomplish? Why are these girls so gut wrenching awful to others?

I thought about this heavily on my way home Friday evening as I left the office. Who do these girls think they are? I just know that God is in control and HE ALWAYS WINS. I know that now more than ever after this past year, but that's a story for another day. Something has tugged at me since this stuff started 6 months ago at the office and the mean girl status has progressively become worse and worse. I had a mini victory Friday, and it felt good knowing it did not occur by stooping to that level, retaliating, or a knee jerk reaction. Okay, maybe a little bit of an outburst, but it isn't like it wasn't well deserved! Which lead me to my next thought.

I have a 4 year old so excuse the references, because, you know, she is my world and all.Have these "mean girls" never seen Strawberry Shortcake, or Rainbow Brite? What about Spiderman? Evil NEVER wins! Good ALWAYS shines through. Seriously!!?? Don't believe me? Watch them! No matter how much havoc these people cause, or what they say about us, as long as we stay good and do not stoop to their levels, and we fight back the mean, hateful, and spiteful, with the goodness we have, others will see them as the problem, not us.

I pray my baby is NEVER one of these mean girls, and if I have to endure this so she never will, I will gladly take it for the rest of my life. That is one thing I pray daily she will never EVER endure because people in this world can be so cruel.

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