Mean Girls All Grown UP

Last night I watched The Housewives of Orange County, one of my guilty pleasures. Only I came to the conclusion that maybe it wasn't a guilty pleasure for me anymore. I won't waist a lot of space to describe the show other than to say that last night was particularly painful. The half baked realty show was a little too real and reminded me of some of the mean girls we have all encountered at some point in our lives

 When I was growing up, my family moved every three to four years so I learned all about mean girls at an early age.  In elementary school,  the new girl was a threat because she might take your best girlfriend away. The new girl presented a whole different kind of menace as we got older...competition - for boys, cheerleading, drill team etc. God forbid you were attractive, that was a double threat.

My new girl experiences gave me an empathy for the underdog. I was the girl who took home the strays- people and animals. I never could quite figure out why people needed to be so mean and, even as a youngster, I didn't have a lot of tolerance for it.

In the second grade Sarah was transferred to our class. She was a walking hard luck story who, as an infant had been disfigured from an acid spell and left with only one eye and scars on her face and arms. She was human catnip for the older mean girl felines in our school. No one would talk to her except for the former new girl (me) and a handful of my friends.   On Halloween we invited her to trick or treat with  us, and Sarah was so excited that she would pass me notes in class with elaborate plans for the exciting adventure.

The big day arrived and Sarah ran down the sidewalk to my house, only, on her way she was ambushed by a group of particularly mean girls armed with tomatoes  and eggs. I will never forget the haunting look of terror, shame and defeat on her face as she stood at my door in her brand new batwoman costume now tomato stained and sticky. My mom rushed to the rescue and we were quickly on our way both quiet and feeling a little more worldly if not wise.

All this being said because I will no longer be indulging in my Thursday night mean girl pleasure of The Housewives of Orange County.  Although the victims on the show alternate, last night it disturbed me and brought back memories of poor little Sarah standing at my door.Yes, realty shows should entertain us, but not at such a cost. Just like poor Sarah, all of these women live with scars, whether it be from ridiculously blown up boobs, lips ....(fill in the blank here) or bad marriages which are obvious to everyone but the couples.  Last night I lost my sense of humor for mean girls and remembered a little seven year old who grew up way too early on a forgettable Halloween night many years ago.

 Us girls have enough hurdles to jump without turning on each other and lobbing the metaphorical tomato at one another.  Being a nice girl may not sell commercials but it does contribute to a better life.

Do you have a mean girl story to share?

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