The Meaning of Life

The other night I was out with some girls. One girl is dying to get married and feels she will then be happy. Everyone who has ever read Princess Bubble knows I disagree with that philosophy. I strongly believe you must be happy first and then you can share your happiness but not look for someone or something to make you happy.

This girl asked, "What is the meaning of life?" I have a strong opinion about that as well. I believe we are here to glorify God. That is so simple some people struggle with that answer and feel it must be deeper. There must be more to that-they feel.

No matter what you believe the meaning of life actually is-I also think-- if you are thinking about the meaning of life you have a lot of time on your hands. The only times in life I can imagine really pondering this question are when you are bored and/or trying to find yourself or when you are so miserable in your current situation you begin to think, "Is there more than this?" I can imagine someone sitting in traffic for hours after working a job they hate and thinking will this be my life day after day.

Sometimes I believe we are miserable to nudge us to move on into something else. Take a risk and change careers...Sometimes we can not change life. We have children that are wearing us down and that we can not change. But this past year, I have been so consumed with pain and hurt after losing my father-I was not wondering about the meaning of life. I was wondering if I could get through the day without crying.

This age old question has perplexed many and must be discovered individually and maybe that is part of the whole meaning as well. Some people take a longer route to get to the same answer. But, when we enter the gates of heaven I can not imagine having a better purpose than to feel while I was on earth I strived to glorify God. I am sure I fail to bring glory more times than I succeed, so thank you God for grace! To me, this is the meaning of life.


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