Meaning is the New Money

In Dan Pink’s book, “the Whole New Mind” published in 2006, Pink declared meaning as the new money.   The enduring economic slump has helped make that declaration true.

If there’s a bright side to the economy, it’s that people are seeking for - and finding - more meaning in their life. 

They’re prioritizing passion and purpose over money. 

Some are surprisingly finding more money following meaning. Others may see less in the bank account but are happier and more fulfilled than ever, and wouldn’t go back for all the money in the world.

After working 15 years as an attorney, Kimberly S. began searching for something more.  “I had this dream of defending the defenseless, a desire to make a difference.  Instead, I found myself circling through case after similar case, working in a system that seemed more like a production line just getting people through.”  

Kimberly, as many in their 40s and 50s are, started asking, “Does my life really matter?”  Finding that it felt like there should be something more, moved her to examine ‘What am I going to do differently?”  

She started doing things differently alright.

Reexamining her priorities and her life with the help of a spiritual director & coach, Kimberly came to the realization she’d established the majority of her life choices on the basis of the expectations of parents, keeping up with her peers, and what she’d been taught in church about living a spiritual life.

She also discovered how to integrate her spiritual life with her real life.

She gave up law to become an EMT.  “I’m good in trauma situations, good with people, my income is less, but I know my work matters.  It also freed me up to pursue other interests and deepen my friendships.  I not only have purpose in my work, I have a more meaningful life.”

Kim isn't the only one.  I've seen a noticeable increase in people searching to restructure their lives around meaning. 

We're frustrated.  The things we were told about the way life was supposed to go don't hold up in a post-9/11, economy-weary world.  

We started out looking for the external things -- the cash, the guy, the body. 

But in those areas of life, we found a never-ending loop, a bottomless pit of external things to ‘fix’. 

We got it all only to discover we weren’t finding what we were looking for.

But finding our purpose and something bigger than ourselves, connecting that to day-to-day practical moves, we're beginning to find fulfillment and meaning.  

We're happy.  Or happi-er anyway.

This isn’t your standard mid-life crisis.

World events and a staggeringly uncertain economy have galvanized these women to marry meaning with their work, to integrate purpose into their lives, to do something challenging and important.

Beyond that, these woman stand as a shining example to others just how meaningful life can be.   


Rooted & Grounded in Love,


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