In the Meantime: 5 Ways for Adoptive Parents to Be Proactive While Waiting

If there's one thing adoptive parents know about, it's patience. Well, patience or lack thereof, depending on how one is currently dealing with the adoption process. There is alot of waiting time that goes into it, from the applications, to trainings, to home study, to licensing, to referrals, to placement.

So.... what can be done in the meantime? What makes the waiting time bearable, or even positive? Here are 5 ideas.

1. Finish those projects you've been "meaning to do."

Got projects around the house that need to be done?  Need to rearrange anything?  Clean out drawers?  Clean the garage?  Redecorate?  Finish them now, because many more new projects will come when the little one arrives!

2. Create a medical team.

In advance, you can find and create a document, planner, or notebook full of medical resources for your child.  Suggestions?  Pediatrician, hospital, pediatric dentist, child therapist, family therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.  Anything specific you may need for your child - add that resource.

3.  Find a support structure for your child

This will look different for every family.  Daycare, school, afterschool program, church, extracurricular activities (music/sports/theatre/dance)You may even start becoming involved in groups directed towards parents of young children, etc.  Most larger cities have adoption support groups that organize playdates and activities for your family as well.  Be creative!

4. Start letting the important people know. 

Family, close friends, your supervisors at work.  You are in the expecting stage of being a parent!  Claim it.  Let people know as you feel inclined.  Remember that your work may need to know sooner than later as you may need to take off when the baby/child/children arrive.

5. Enjoy your current life stage - it won't last for long.

Think of life as a series of chapters.  You are in one chapter that is about to close and another amazing one will soon open.  Don't lose those last few pages in this chapter because you are only looking for the next.  Breathe in, breathe out, and write a few more beautiful paragraphs.