Meat and Potatoes, you say? Potato Moussaka Bolognese, I say.

Recently, I received a request for a meat-n-potato type dish for someone who doesn’t eat vegetables.  Not judging. I am sure they have their reasons.  Rather than fussing about it, I took it upon myself to go as fancy as I could with the meat-n-potato idea, as it sounded pretty challenging.

Potato Moussaka Bolognese

My first thought was a shepherd’s pie.  But shepherd’s pie’s whole charm is reliant on the cheerful carrots and peas peeking through the rich meat gravy under the blanket of mashed potatoes, and without them the shepherd’s pie would just not be the same.  The next idea I tossed was a stew — it’s like a hundred and fifty degrees outside for Chef’s sake, who would think about a stew in this weather!

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