To Meat or not to Meat

An article in the Archives of Internal Medicine
published on March 23rd had a study in it that showed that people who
ate the most red meat had a higher risk of overall death than those who
ate the least red meat. Based on these results they determined

and processed meat intakes were associated with modest increases in
total mortality, cancer mortality, and cardiovascular disease

In response, the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom, cautioned reporters and policymakers against "jumping to conclusions" in response to this study's statistical assumptions and vague measurements.

Sounds like a reasoned discussion doesn't it? Then if you're like me you look a little deeper and find that the Center for Consumer Freedom
(catchy name) is a "nonprofit organization with a stated mission to
defend the right of adults and parents to choose what they eat, drink,
and how they enjoy themselves." That's right. I should be able to
decide what I eat and drink!

But if you keep reading you learn that the Center for Consumer Freedom used to be known as the Guest Choice Network.
The Guest Choice Network, allegedly working on behalf of consumers, got
their initial start up money from Philip Morris and went on to receive
additional funding from the manufacturers of Alliance Gambling,
Harrah's casinos, Davidoff cigars, Anheuser-Busch as well as several
meat companies including Bruss, Cargill Processed Meats and Standard

They have argued against Mothers Against Drunk Driving,
smoking bans, pesticide controls, genetic engineering of food and
antibiotic use in meat and poultry. They even have an "alternative" calculator
to determine how much fish you can eat without worrying about mercury.
Of course their number is ten times higher than the EPA suggests, TEN
TIMES! Just don't follow their advice when you're pregnant. They also
lobby to keep the minimum wage low, and defend the payday loan industry.

Please note, I eat meat, I drink and I've smoked. I think I should
be able to make decisions for myself but how do I make decisions if the
information is slanted against me? Yes, our Grandparents all ate eggs
and meat but the eggs and meat that they ate were not irradiated,
treated with antibiotics or full of mercury.

I don't think I'm
the only one who would like to get nutrition and health information
from a scientist instead of from a lobbying group that goes after facts
by smearing individuals, scientists and organizations. In his own words
Richard Berman (Executive Director of Oublic Affairs) "Our offensive strategy is to shoot the messenger." Not argue the facts of the report, smear the reporter.

Just thought you'd want to know.

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