To Meat or Not to Meat...That is the Question.

I often wonder if I could ask God anything and get a definitive answer on the spot, what exactly would I ask. It changes from week to week, day to day, minute to minute, but there are always three questions that reassert themselves again and again. One of these  is, “Is it wrong to eat meat?”


I have ping ponged back and forth between being a vegetarian and a carnivore for the last twenty years, with my longest meatless stint being a solid three. I even wrote a 280 page novel whose final message winds up being “Don't eat pork.” And, though in my heart I genuinely feel that for me a vegetarian lifestyle is the way, I constantly relapse and shove my face full of something medium rare.


So, my heart says “no meat,” but here is the argument my head makes...


If humans weren't supposed to eat meat then why do we have canine teeth?


Canine teeth are strictly evolutionary. Humans once had to eat meat to survive. But now vegetables and legumes are widely available so soon they'll fall out.


Alright, but what is really wrong with eating meat for now...since we still have the teeth for it, and all.


Nothing if you want to eat pain and fear. The animals we consume live a life of discomfort and, in some cases, torture and then are slaughtered under heinous conditions. When you consume their flesh, you are taking in and digesting pain and fear.


I can't argue with that. But what if I could find sources for meat where the animals were raised well and then killed humanely.


Killed humanely...isn't that an oxymoron?


So what about cheese and eggs? Nothing dies for cheese and eggs?


No, but egg producing chickens are treated perhaps worse than any other creature on the planet. They are mutilated by having their beaks cut off and spend their lives in a horrifyingly tiny space. It's the same for dairy cows. They are basically treated as milk machines that are used up and then sent to slaughter.


So you're saying that I might as well order an omelet with ham and hate and a side of cheddar cruelty?


Basically, and don't even get me started on the commercial fishing industry...


This internal argument goes on and on, with the vegetarian voice always making more sense, while the Fred Flintstone part  of me begs for a hunk of brontosaurus.


That's why I need God to settle it once and for all and tell me it is just plain wrong to eat meat, so if I knew he/her would give me a definite answer today, I'd look God in the face and say,


"If it is a sin to eat meat, then why did you make bacon taste so good?"


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