Meatless Monday: Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Red Onions with Feta

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My name is Kalyn and I'm a recovered sweet potato avoider. For years I couldn't stand sweet potatoes, especially the canned-and-reheated "yams" that showed up every year on the Thanksgiving table. (And actually, what people in the U.S. call yams are really orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, but that's a whole different topic.) Then I discovered how delicious roasted fresh sweet potatoes were and realized that they could be combined with savory ingredients, and I've been a committed sweet potato fan ever since. This recipe for Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Red Onions with Feta from Kalyn's Kitchen is my latest sweet potato craving. This would be lovely for a Meatless Monday dish, and I wouldn't mind it on the table for Thanksgiving either!

Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Image: Courtesy of Kalyn's Kitchen

Get the recipe for Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Red Onions with Feta from Kalyn's Kitchen.

Have you made something interesting for Meatless Monday this week? If so please share the recipe link or your recipe in the comments. You can find more Meatless Monday recipes by clicking the tag Meatless Mondays.

BlogHer Contributing Editor Kalyn Denny also blogs at Kalyn's Kitchen where she's committed to low-glycemic cooking, and at Slow Cooker From Scratch, where she features "from scratch" slow cooker recipes. Kalyn probably won't ever be a vegetarian, but she does love to make meatless dishes like this one.


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