So this week celebrates both National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and National Pancake Day. No wonder we women are so confused about what is healthy behavior. Either these two PR campaigns are working together or cancel each other out. Is the message: Hi Ladies: Please do not think you are fat and too prove it,  eat a pancake or 6? Or, if you actually need to justify over-indulging -  which is also an eating disorder -  then put on those house pants and dive deep into the flapjacks. It's your American duty! The Today Show this morning featured Hoda and Kathie Lee celebrating national pancake day by tossing pancakes at giant, open-mouthed cut-outs of each other. Reminded me of high school when my too skinny, laxative-addicted friend used to bake me brownies and watch deviously while I ate them. Funny,  I didn't see either Kathie Lee of Hoda take a bite of pancakes. But I did see them trying to throw them down the other's throat.


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