How Do You Organize Your Medication?

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[Editor's Note: I could barely remember to take a daily birth control pill and I never remember to take my vitamin. If I ever find myself needing to take more than one medication a day -- I'm going to be in trouble and a good organization system will be a must. Throw brain fog in there and you can see why Julia from Reasonably Well is asking for your ideas. - Denise]


So I'm looking at my plastic boxes today and wondering how other people organize their medications. I know without a doubt that if I didn't fill my dumb stupid medication box, I would not be taking my medications as prescribed. On my weirdo brain foggy days, I'd probably grab a bottle here or there and slug down a few pills and call it good. But if I snap open the med box cover every morning and evening to dump out the contents, there's a high likelihood that I'm getting my drugs in an accurate and timely way. Let's not discuss those days that I forget to open the med boxes at all..


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