Medieval Girdle Bread On A Modern Griddle Pan

Girdle Bread 1

Two years ago, I told myself (and the rest of the world in a previous blog post) that I was going to try to make girdle bread soon. Today, I finally got down to doing it.

The tradition of making girdle bread goes all the way back to the medieval times (between the 5th to 15th century). Back then, it served as a staple food for many who lived in the old kingdoms of the British empire – Ireland, Scotland and England. ‘Girdle’, or ‘griddle‘ – as the English called it, was a rounded piece of sandstone that served as a cooking platform for the bread, hence the name ‘girdle’ or ‘griddle’ bread. This stone was placed right above a fire to cook the bread till it was crispy and airy. Today, girdle breads are not commonly served anymore, due to the existence of modern baking technologies. Making girdle bread the traditional way is therefore one pleasant peasantry way of reminiscing the past while savouring the utmost basic taste of food long gone.

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