Medieval Women Writers

I had long wanted to tell the stories of the medieval women writers Julian of Norwich, first woman to write a book in English, and Margery Kempe who wrote the first autobiography in English although she was illiterate.

I finally got my chance in A DARKLY HIDDEN TRUTH, The Monastery Murders 2. Felicity, my thoroughly modern American heroine, even as rash and headstrong as she sometimes is, finds that there are times in life when one needs to be still and learn from the wisdom of past ages.

This especially becomes true as Felicity searches the busy streets of London and the soggy marshes of the Norfolk Broads for clues to the valuable missing icon she has been asked to recover and, inadvertentely, for clues to the murder of a dear friend.

But all this has come to me years after I first "met" Julian and Margery on my own personal pilgrimage when I took one of the first planes to leave Boise after 9/11 to go to their homes.

You can read the whole story here in "The Story Behind the Story"



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