Meditation on Father’s Day

Oh I hugged her so hard.  And I said, “sweetie, your heart is big enough to love everyone in your family—and it doesn’t mean you love daddy less.” 

In the meantime, back at the table, A had engaged in a power struggle with DD2, who had gotten the “no dessert” for not finishing her dinner (parenting trench!), to which DD2 wasn’t even batting an eye.  I swear if there was such a thing as a yoda-energizer-bunny, that would be DD2.  At any rate, since DD1 had finished her dinner, off we went to the ice cream store to get her and A some ice cream and onward home we went.  So after a quick conference in our bathroom between me and A about DD1 while the girls were brushing their teeth, DD1 picked out their bed time story and we all cuddled up on the bed for A to read it—since it was Father’s Day after all.

Before reading it, A took a moment and told a story about how he had a mommy and a daddy and a brother and a sister, and that he loved them very much.  And now that he’s married to me, he loves mommy and DD1 and DD2 and that doesn’t mean he loves anyone in his family any less.  DD1 hung on his every last word and nodded her head.  We read the book and then it was all giggles and squeals as he put the girls to bed, and he said goodnight and my heart felt full.  And kissing my girls and after our bed time prayer where we thank God for our whole family, including dad’s family, our step family, and our family near and far, I reminded them that our hearts are big enough for everyone we love. 

DD1 repeated to me, yes mommy, my heart is big enough to love everyone in our family.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there who love and cherish your children.  And Happy Father’s Day to A, who is doing everything he can to learn “on the job”—made more challenging by the co-parenting shenanigans. 

p.s.  I’m also so very thankful for my dads who are watching down from heaven.  Somehow, I feel like they are angels looking out for us, and maybe had a hand in leading A to me and vice versa, so my children could learn what it’s like to have a father figure love them the way they loved me, especially my latest stepdad, who offered nothing but unconditional love for my mom and me and my baby DD1, before he passed on from this complicated world.  <3


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