Meet Basil and Bella...

Well, that's what their names are at the moment anyway...the names seem to be ever changing... IMG_1504But their cuteness is not.

These little bunnies are loosely based on some tiny mice that were brought by Santa and on Jess Brown's hugely popular dolls.  They've been on my mind for quite some time now.  I even drew up a picture and a plan, which is not usually my style, although it was quite beneficial and made me realize that, perhaps, "winging it" isn't always the fastest way to go.  IMG_1750 I wasn't sure if I would have a chance to get them made in time for Easter, but with a bit of stitching here and there, I did!  

Their bodies, legs, and arms are made of linen.  I used some of my handprinted fabric for Basil's body and for Bella's body, I simply painted stripes onto my linen.  IMG_1501For the legs, I used some of the star strips from Violet's birthday as a stencil. IMG_1503And, some little yarn pompoms for their tails...IMG_1496The ears are made of felted wool and cotton and are crazy and wonky!  IMG_1493I wanted to use the wool for the ears for some added texture and softness.  I love that the ears are wild and flip back and forth, it adds character, they also happen to be a fun way to carry the bunnies around.  IMG_1477
IMG_1488Of course, they needed some Easter clothes, so Basil was dressed in a felted wool bow tie, suspenders and shorts. IMG_1483And Bella got a little flowered skirt and bows for her ears. IMG_1479Their arms and legs are super floppy (on purpose) but that made it challenging to take pictures, so I stuck them up a tree...(not the greatest pictures) IMG_1505The kids loved them!  Both bunnies came with us to church on Easter (where Violet noted to me that I "should sell these bunnies at the store too").  Violet has had hers as a pretty constant pal since Easter morning, and has been trying all of her doll clothes on her bunny, they fit pretty nicely.  IMG_1631I've got to say, I am crazy happy with the way they turned out!

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