Meet Melinda Moore, Inspiring Eco-warrior and Game-changing Entrepreneur

Melinda Moore!

When the French writer, Victor Hugo famously wrote, “There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come,” chances are his revelation had little to do with the planet’s well being. Indeed earth’s health has been a much debated issue. But, with the first six months of 2012 recorded as the hottest in US history, while toxic levels of radiation and mercury have infiltrated our ecosystems, and a mass of plastic debris the size of Texas has been identified in the Pacific Ocean, more and more people are recognizing the impact of our carbon footprint.

Melinda Moore – start-up veteran, savvy marketing guru, and long time earth advocate – recognized that while many people are awakening to the reality that we need to make changes, few are ready to sacrifice style or quality in the name of the planet. This, coupled with the understanding that the most powerful vote for change is the almighty dollar, Melinda co-founded, LovingEco, an online shopping hub for an array of fashion forward and top quality items that are all organic, recycled and eco-friendly, with a percentage of proceeds going back to non-profit organizations. Seeing as LovingEco’s conception to acquisition(by Jean Paul Dejoria) went down in just under a year and a half, I’d say Melinda Moore most certainly had an idea whose time had come.

As anyone who’s made it past the age of about six knows, this journey of life is nothing if not a wild rollercoaster with unexpected ups and downs. And just as Melinda was celebrating LovingEco’s runaway success, she discovered she had stage 1 breast cancer. After a series of genetic tests ruled out family history, she couldn’t help but consider the increasing number of hormones in our food and chemicals in our water supply, combined with lifetime of breathing LA air, as likely culprits.

Melinda acknowledges that life throws you curves; it’s all about what you do with ‘em that determines your destiny. With a combination of  surgery, radiation, and a predominantly plant based diet via Crazy Sexy Diet wellness warrior Kris Karr, Melinda bravely shifted into healing mode and is confident that the worst is behind her. While certainly a game changer, for Melinda, this diagnosis further reinstated her optimism for living each day to the fullest, and her commitment to cleaning up the planet for herself, her community and for generations to come.

Looking into her vibrant, turquoise eyes over lunch at Café Gratitude, Melinda is the definition of wisdom, compassion and grace, and I’m reminded that the shadows really do make things brighter, if we are willing to see. With tremendous gratitude and appreciation for every single moment, Melinda Moore is living a life she loves, while charting a new route for conscious consumption. An inspiring businesswoman who’s broken the mold time and again, Melinda is quick to hold the door for the women coming after her, eager to be of assistance in anyway she can. Now that’s WOW!

Name: Melinda Moore

Age:  42

Occupation: Founder, /SVP, Entertainment Media

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Current city of residence: Los Angeles, CA



Ordinary Magic: If you were at a cocktail party and were asked to explain what you do in three sentences or less, what would you say?
MM: I am the founder of LovingEco and am passionate about protecting the planet.

Ordinary Magic: What inspired you to head in that direction?
MM: I was born in Santa Monica and grew up surfing and hiking and biking in the mountains. I draw my inspiration from the simple beauty of nature…watching sunsets, swimming in blue water and starring at the stars.

Ordinary Magic: What is your accomplishment that you are most proud of to date?
MM: Founding LovingEco which enables women to embrace conscious consumption by voting with their wallet to make healthier product choices for themselves and the environment.

Ordinary Magic: What has the biggest turning point been in your life so far?
MM: Surviving breast cancer earlier this year. It was a shocking surprise, and I was determined to win the battle and come out a stronger more compassionate person that truly understands how fragile life is. I am deeply grateful for early detection and encourage women to get mammograms.

Ordinary Magic: What is your greatest passion?
MM: The absolute spontaneous nature of learning from world travel adventures, and working to save the planet and our beautiful oceans for future generations to come.

Ordinary Magic: What words of wisdom would you give your twenty-year old self?
MM:  Take a long, deep breathe, meditate and know that everything is going to be OK.

Ordinary Magic: What was the last book you read?
MM: Fully Present: The Science, Art, and Practice of Mindfulness by Susan Smalley.

Ordinary Magic: What is your personal philosophy?
MM: To live everyday to the fullest, to come from a deep place of love, embrace laughter and know that we are all connected to one another.

Ordinary Magic: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
MM: Find self love and move forward with grace and integrity.

Ordinary Magic: If you could be anywhere in the world right now doing anything, what would it be?
MM: I would like to go back to Cambodia to help the children living in orphanages who are in need of love, education and care. I was so inspired by their strong will, big smiles and desire for a better life. More than half of Cambodia’s population is under the age of 18 and many live in orphanages.

Ordinary Magic: What do you have gratitude for in this moment?
MM: I am alive and healthy.

Ordinary Magic: If there was one easy ting that people could do right now that would positively impact the planet what would it be?
MM: That’s easy. Shop at the framer’s market every week and bring your own NON-PLASTIC bag.

Ordinary Magic: Do you have a Life Motto?
MM: ”Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller