Meet our furry animal …

On February 5th 2007, we went to the airport to greet our little fella. He came in a cage and was shipped from another state. He came from far away to be with us. It all started with a simple promise to Pepper when she was four years old. She told us she wanted a dog and I casually mentioned, "Let’s wait until you are 10 years old." Little did we knew … she came back to claim it and here he was her 10th year old birthday present all the way from Arizona. That poor fella was crying for nights as probably missing his mommy. I couldn’t imagine parting with my girls at that young age. He was only few months old
Now at the age of five, this guy has his personality. Do you believe that dogs' personalities were defined based on the environment they grew up? Well I do!
Each time when I came home and hugged my girls. He would whimper on the side as he wanted to be hugged as well. He would sit down waiting for his turn to be pet. Isn’t he adorable? if time passed and he didn’t get his turn yet, he would whimper again as of reminding me that he was waiting.
The most funny thing that I noticed about our ‘doogy,’ as the girl may say, is ...

Tell me about your furry animal(s) and their cuteness!
Can’t wait to read yours …
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