Meet Pinstamatic

We're all pretty familiar with pinning web content onto our Pinterest boards, right? I often find myself pinning recipes, accessories, social media finds all the while these pins point to an actual landing page for more information.

But, what about pinning other types of content such as original Tweets, special event dates, locations or music? Pinstamatic gives us this option.

As an example, I've decided to pin my upcoming travel destination, New York City, because I am attending the BlogHer '12 Conference. I am totally looking forward to it by the way!

To get started, the steps are pretty intuitive:

1. I clicked on the red upside-down raindrop

2. I filled-in the address, title and description fields and clicked "Pin"

3. I then have the option of editing the description once it hits the Pinterest site (see image 3 below)

Finally, it posted quite nicely to my Dialed-in to Social Media Board!

Now you may be wondering, where does this pin point to? What's the landing page? This pin points to whatever information I put in the "address" field. In this case, New York, NY.

I invite you to try it out. I'm enjoying the variety of ways to share online content on Pinterest in such an unconventional fashion!




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